— Client

Company from USA that wants to introduce cryptocurrency in the sport bets responding that way to a major finance trend of 2018.

— Task

Create a sport betting platform from scratch that is in tune with USA market, and make it fully adaptive for all devices.

— Our role

Branding, UX/UI



Together with Alphasport team Flatstudio created a brand new alpha betting platform that is user friendly and event focused. Plus it also allows you to place your bets with cryptocurrency.

  • overview_first_column_picture
    live betting
    Nº 1 fan? Bet on your team while watching the game live.
  • overview_second_column_picture
    Up to date
    Alphasport helps you keep track of every event of your favourite sport.
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    sports variety
    Soccer fan? Or maybe baseball? Plenty of options to choose from.

Brand identity that says it all.

To come up with a perfect brand concept we sat down with Alphasport team and dug in deep in what they need and most importantly what american sport fans need. The brand’s concept revolves around positive energy and movement. The logo combines minimalistic style and the use of a bold typeface.

  • 01 — final result and process
  • 02 — dark background application
  • 03 — Light background application

Identity search.

To get to the end result we created several options for the client to choose from.

  • 04 — other Options

Responsive website with smart filters.

Clean and harmonious interface with smart information architecture, full of energy made specifically for sport fans. Not an average betting platform. Straight forward content combined with absolute responsiveness makes it easy to access Alphasport from any device.

  • 01 — Main page
  • 02 — Main page with bet slip
  • 03 — inner page
  • 04 — responsive website

Effective modal windows.

Modal windows with minimalist design and strategic coloring show you only the essential information to keep you on the right track to what actually matters – sports.

  • 01 — welcome and login modals

Know all major sport happenings.

Detailed sport tables allow you not only to place bets on any modality of your choosing, but also present the information about current and future events the way that you always know what is happening.

  • 01 — Soccer leagues
  • 02 — Baseball leagues
  • 03 — Preseason game table – NFL
  • 04 — Event table – Boxing

Custom made icons.

To provide extra user-friendliness we created clean and identifiable icons of sports and interface elements. They make navaigation on the website easier and faster. And allow slimer sidebar when using smaller screens to browse Alphasport.

  • 01 — Pixel perfect icons
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