— Client

Bookmakers24, or «Букмекеры России» is a Russian service for those who bet on sports. The website provides high-quality prognosis on main sport matches and an explicit review of all the legal bookmakers.

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— Task

The main challenge was to create a website which would be transformable enough to adapt to new business and communication challenges and to make it fully responsive not missing a thing.

— Our role

Interface design, Redesign, Logo design



Bookmakers24 is now a fully operable website which is constantly improving and expanding. The renewed website received a good feedback form client and users and CSSDA award in UX, UI and Innovations categories.

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    Both for all the devices and different countries.
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    Clear information
    A big amount of data readable in seconds.
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    All the features are perfectly wrapped.


To show the level of data, the trustability and keep the clear connection with naming a clear logo mark was chosen. Another important point is that it is easily adaptable for different counties as required by the client.

  • 01 - Logo mark idea
  • 02 - Logo grid
  • 01 - Image name
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Main page.

In sportsbooks the amount of data presented is always crucial to the user. In the case of Bookmakers24, we could present a lot of data, so the point was to make it structured enough for the user to read it.

  • 01 — Search
  • 02 — Adaptive


Keep it as simple as possible would be a good slogan for this page. To increase the conversion and make the user’s life easier we decided to present the data so simple that he would be able to understand everything in seconds.

  • 01 — All forecasts
  • 02 — Forecast
  • 03 — Adaptive

Premium forecasts.

The information is a new gold of a 21st century – explicit details in a clear form are its diamonds. That’s why for those who are willing to get more Bookmakers24 provides this opportunity.

  • 01 — All premium forecasts
  • 02 — Forecast premium
  • 03 — Last matches
  • 04 — Tournament table
  • 05 — Ceffs for other results
  • 06 — adaptive


What about some further info for our users? Sports news are essential for those who bet since even the smallest event can change the game. Besides, it also keeps the user engaged in the website content.

  • 01 — All news
  • 02 — Adaptive


When it comes to money, people want to be aware of every single opportunity to get more. To make it easy and to keep them updated, all the bets promo are collected in one place with a countdown and full info for each.

  • 01 — All bonuses
  • 02 — Open bonus
  • 03 — Adaptive


Last, but definitely not least. The rating of the websites to bet is one of the most important features of this website, allowing users to be able to find a trustable bookmaker after they’ve read all about the upcoming sports event. Since the client is able to provide extensive data with many details we’ve decided to keep them all but add navigation inside the page so it won’t take our user too long to get where they need.

  • 01 — All bookmakers
  • 02 — Open bookmaker
  • 03 — Adaptive

… to be continued

We are still working on new features for Bookmakers24. Stay tuned to see more.

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