— Client

Stavka TV is the first and one of a kind prognosis platform which brings up together the experts and average users. It upgrades the sports betting to a new level and lets everyone feel like a professional.

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— Task

Create an intuitive environment for users to read and share sports tips on any device.

— Our role

Strategy, Branding, UX/UI



Stavka TV is a double-sided project in each and every way. From the audience, which is both well-known experts and average users to a constant mix of two primary actions on the website – check a prognosis and write a new one. The aim achieved here is the balance and harmony of both.


The mix of sports and TV channel styles along with a modern gradient of red-blue color confrontation fully express the brand identity and character. To support the main idea of being always in profit the «plus» symbol is used as the leitmotif.

  • 01 — live


The whole branding was developed with the focus on the use in diverse environments and immediate recognition no matter of it.

Media covers for YouTube.

Being focused on videos and texts, Stavka.TV website needed a strong visual reference for the covering images and banners as a crucial part of visual perception.

  • 02 — Photo branding
  • 03 —Teasers & banners

Video branding.

While Youtube is one of the main channels for this project the aim was to develop a remarkable cover. One of the solutions was to enhance the logo's similarity with police light bar by a special animation created.

  • 04 — Preloaders

Main page.

As the website serves both for making forecasts, read the others’ ones and proceed to betting, the grid was specially designed to make it both easier to read the article and proceed to prognosis not losing the sight of other games and bookmakers.

  • 01 — Main page
  • 02 — Responsive


Neat and clear modal for a user to find a team, forecasters or articles. Everything kept as simple as possible to make this micro-experience delightful.

  • 03 — Search modal

Sport’s page.

Each sport has its own page of overview of forecasts. Presented in cards with all the most important features, prognoses are easy to find and access.

  • 01 — sport tips page
  • 02 — Responsive

Open forecast.

The aim was to show both forecasts and upcoming events at the same time so users don’t only consume the content but also generates it.

  • 03 — Search modal
  • 04 — Responsive

All experts.

Top forecasters get ranged in a detailed list which takes into consideration several variables. Yet the table remains readable and coherent.

  • 01 — experts main page
  • 02 — Responsive

Expert profile.

The best forecasters require appropriate representation. That’s why expert’s overview of prognoses page is minimalistic yet stylish.

  • 03 — Expert profile

Articles page.

To keep a user concentrated on the most important articles and yet inspire him to make his own predictions an unusual layout and grid were developed.

  • 01 – Articles

Open article.

While being focused on the article a user still needs to get deeper into the website so the aim of this page is also to provide further navigation.

  • 02 — Open article

Bonuses page.

The most important page with the most important info (which is of course the photos of Messi and Ronaldo). Just kidding, thanks for being attentive.

  • 01 — Bonuses
  • 03 — Search modal

Creating forecast.

Finally, one of the main user’s actions is prognosis writing. To make that easy as a pie a simple modal with minimum steps was developed.

  • 01 — first step
  • 02 — Second step

… to be continued

The presentation above is version 1.0. We are still working on StavkaTV 2.0. Stay tuned to see more.

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