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Bohdan Kononets
CEO & Founder
Dionis Buga
Interface Designer
Kseniya Popkova
Account Manager
Vyacheslav Kornilov
Creative Director
Vyacheslav Moroz
Interface Designer
Paul Trinko
Social Manager
Aleksandr Shumikhin
Graphic Designer
Danil Melekhin
Markus Barño
Lead Developer
Strategy & Planning
For a better understanding of each of our clients we colect maximum information before kickoff the project. We create a detailed work plan and design the best approach to meet the goals.
UX Design & Prototyping.
While using wireframes and grid system we will identify the future looks of the user interface (elements, information and features position). UX design is important to let clients visualise how the project will look in the future.
Ui Design & User Testing.
We define a creative direction for your product - colors, fonts, illustrations, UI-Kit design and the overall look & feel based on the key interface solutions. Developing a UI design is important for a project to stay in trend and have its own style.
Interaction Design.
Developing a UI design is just a part of the process. We go trough all the stages of interaction experience and define interface output everytime touched by online user.
The implementation of design concepts is one of the least important stages of our process. Our development team is focused on maintaining the integrity of the design and interactivity.
Project Support
We provide client support for projects that were developed by Flatstudio. and on a permanent basis our team provides assistance in the revision and projects development.

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