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Bookmaker.XYZ isn't a typical bookmaker. You can bet and win here, but there's no house or sportsbook betting against you. The funds are distributed by Azuro protocol, being held in blockchain contracts.

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— Task

Design an intuitive product that would make smart contracts and liquidity pools feel simple for a seamless crypto-betting experience.

— Our role

Research, UI/UX, 3D, Interactions, Branding, Art direction



Users come from two distinct worlds: the crypto-savvy, who can tell you all about blockchain and DeFi but may be lost in the world of betting; and the seasoned bettors, who know the ins and outs of betting but may find the world of smart contracts and liquidity pools a bit overwhelming.

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    Intuitive interface and fun experience

Main features.

We designed advanced branding, stunning 3D icons, and highly functional features that make crypto betting easy and enjoyable.

  • 01 - Main features

Awesome 3D icons anonymity.

We got creative with visuals as real-life photos were a no-go. The 3D icons gave a new dimension to the platform, elevating user avatars and banners. They give off an anonymous cyberworld vibe and add a dash of fun and comfort for younger users.

Fluid navigation with slick sidebar.

The navigation is designed to work seamlessly on both desktop & mobile. On desktop, you'll find it in the sidebars and on mobile the multi-level menu from the hamburger icon adjusts to display the right content at the right level.

  • 01 - Sidebar menu
  • 02 - Mobile version

Home page - let the betting begin.

The home page serves two main types of users - the pro bettors and the novices. The design strikes the perfect balance between form and function, making it both engaging and practical. The page showcases a variety of data, bet opportunities and binary crypto markets. 

  • 01 - Home page

Events to the rescue.

In betting, having access to the right information makes all the difference. And the event section helps with that. It doesn’t just throw a bunch of numbers and stats at the users. The information is organized in a way that helps even less experienced bettors to decide what to bet on.

  • 01 - Top events

Sports events.

What’s better than providing the users with all the markets related to a particular sport, and treating them with an effortless navigating experience. And as the icing on the cake the sidebar extends and changes its view depending on a sport.

  • 02 - Sport page
  • 02 - Prematches
  • 03 - Live matches

Open event

Viewing event details and statistics feels satisfying when you get to adjust the layout to your preference, pin interesting markets and filter markets for a quick access. The compact & informative mobile view makes it easy to stay up-to-date on the go.

  • 04 - Open event

Event statistic

Intelligent design makes statistics look so much appealing. Even if you're not an expert, you'll find the user experience delightful. With clear indications of the percentage of users betting on each outcome, users can make informed decisions without breaking a sweat. 

  • 06 - Open statistic

Mega functional betslip.

We as a studio have mastered the betslip view, but adding cryptocurrency to the mix brought new hurdles to jump. Luckily, we never back down from a challenge to create a seamless and secure betting experience.

  • 01 - Betslip

Contests conquests.

Get ready to be engaged and entertained with the sportsbook contests! When you're feeling social, you can go head-to-head with other players. Best of all, you can do it while keeping your anonymity intact, which goes along with the web3 principles.

  • 01 - Contests
  • 02 - All contests
  • 03 - My contests
  • 04 - Other pages

Open contests

You can either go solo or team up with other players, compete for prizes and share them later. It's like a virtual game night, but with more crypto and no small talks.

  • 05 - Open contests

Every user fits a profile.

Your profile is the hub of all your betting activity. From checking your bet history and contests to tracking your wins and losses, everything you need is just a click away.

  • 01 - User profile

Toto tracker

Time to leave the guesswork behind. Track and create toto bets like a champ with a dedicated tab.

  • 02 - My toto page
  • 03 - Create toto

Fund your wallet. Buy, swap & bridge crypto.

Unlike other platforms that leave users scrambling for external resources to get the funds, Bookmaker.XYZ offers a one-stop-shop for all the crypto needs of all the novices and pros.

  • 01 - Found crypto wallet

Swap & bridge crypto

The trick with crypto is having the right coin on the right chain, but Bookmaker.XYZ can simplify the process and help you achieve the right combination hassle-free.

  • 02 - Swap tokens
  • 03 - Status notifications

Learn platform for betting News, Picks & Insights.

You don’t have to be the jack of all trades when it comes to crypto betting. As one of the first projects in WEB3 connected to the betting, and sportsbooks, it was clear that not everyone will know everything right off the bat.

  • 01 - Blog
  • 02 - Other pages

Open article

Enjoy reading the articles like never before with nice and entertaining views.

  • 03 - Open article


This page has a classical view. It offers a refreshing twist with content created by real people in a world dominated by AI.

  • 04 - Open prediction
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