— Client

MP3Million is a million and more of tracks. No more subscription services – just a lot of music. The library includes a massive collection that can be listened to and purchased from desktop and mobile devices.

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— Task

Create a user-friendly and an easy-to-use interface for people of different ages and nationalities united by their passion for music.

— Our role

Strategy, UI/UX, Branding, Graphic design



Every new music update is just right here. Whatever user likes, he can find it – along with his next favourite track. All songs and albums can be sorted by genre, downloaded and enjoyed wherever you want – the website is fully responsive.

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    hot new
    Stay up to date and don't miss a note!
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    All genres
    Whether you are a jazz, rock or pop addict.
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    listen everywhere
    Don’t leave music home alone, take it with you.

Great naming needs a great visual.

We work on the construction of the logotype: the phonetic expression and custom lettering that allows you to read the name of the website, in this case. It helps to create the identity of the company and to provide the most immediate definition in users mind.

  • 01 — Logotype grid
  • 02 — Real logotype
  • 03 — Christmas logo
  • 04 — Groundhog day logo

Brand-new site – brand-new experience.

We always respect all the UX standard by designing a tidy structure where each content fits in a proper space. The grid helps to overview tracks, the slider lets you dedicate more time to each one when swiping through them. In this brand-new version music is the king.

  • 01 — Main page, old version
  • 02 — Main page, new version

Play with the Player.

Music is always the perfect companion. In MP3MILLION, so is the player – always available and ready to support any music hunger. Minimalistic, easy to use and to fit every page of the website.

  • 03 — Player

Please, don't get lost.

To find the right way in a sea of content can be difficult. Not in this case – all contents are well-structured, and the search process is even more comfortable thanks to the use of filters.

  • 04 — Search modal
  • 05 — Search page
  • 06 — No results

First, see the music and then go listen to it.

If you want to listen to something but you can define the genre, there's an icon for you. You can take a first glance at all the icons, choose its favourite one and start listening to music.

  • 07 — genres
  • 08 — responsive
  • 09 — Player on mobile
  • 09 — Responsiveness

My favorite song is the next one.

Listening to good music is a healthy habit. Thanks to the suggestions and the charts you will be able to discover artists similar to favourites or totally new ones. Doing it even on mobile is simple: a smaller screen can’t stop the desire of new songs.

  • 01 — Charts
  • 02 — Open chart
  • 03 — Charts on mobile
  • 04 — Open Chart on mobile

No more doubts about what to listen to.

The catalogue page was designed to support the selection process: it is like being taken by the hand and accompanied on a long road with a beautiful landscape and an even better soundtrack.

  • 01 — Catalogue
  • 02 — Catalogue artists
  • 03 — Catalogue tracks
  • 04 — responsive catalog
  • 05 — responsive filters

Always updated.

The latest releases and new tracks have a dedicated section. You can choose whether to start listening immediately or bookmark the ways.

  • 01 — New albums
  • 02 — Album coming soon
  • 03 — responsive new albums
  • 04 — responsive open album

The number one fan section.

The artist page is one of the many usable pages on MP3MILLION. The user can follow the artist, find the coming soon releases and all the artist's music.

  • 01 — Profile artist
  • 02 — Profile album
  • 03 — Profile artist responsive
  • 04 — Album responsive

I <3 Shopping.

The price and options are always clearly visible. The "you might like" section is an invitation to the user to discover new content. Is also designed to encourage the cross-selling: a sales strategy is consisting in offering the customer who has already purchased a product, the purchase of other complementary products. In this case, more music.

  • 01 — Shopping cart
  • 02 — Shopping cart acordeon
  • 03 — Discount
  • 04 — Summary
  • 05 — responsive Shopping cart

Anything you wish, sir.

On this page, you can choose your preferred payment method. Each action will be conducted in full transparency, no hidden payments, and all security information is always available.

  • 01 — Add money
  • 02 — responsive

Learn from history, work for future.

The user will always be in control of his purchases and will never lose a discount or a bonus. In fact, this section is continuously updated on current and future promotions.

  • 01 — My balance
  • 02 — Purchase history
  • 03 — Purchase history calendar
  • 04 — responsive

No more "out of storage space".

There is no need to download music anymore. The user can keep all his music in the dedicated section and get access to it anywhere, anytime and from any device.

  • 01 — My library: Downloads

Save your music.

To create a complete user experience, we must also take into account what is already in its possession. In this section, we give the possibility to upload users own music. This creates an entire listening space.

  • 02 — My library: Uploaded


Creating a playlist is very simple and can be done quickly with a click on "add to playlist" while listening or swiping through tracks.

  • 03 — My library: Playlists

Stop deleting music.

No more deleted tracks. If the user gets tired of an album or a song, he can simply archive it: it will be kept away from the eyes but not far from the heart. In the case of nostalgia, it will always be available to be heard again.

  • 04 — My library: Archive
  • 05 — My library: Requests

A call for help.

Just in case, we have redesigned the support and assistance section. The in-app MailBox allows contacting the customer service immediately and informally, without having to write long emails or getting lost among external forum.

  • 01 — Mailbox
  • 02 — Responsive mailbox
  • 03 — Responsive account
  • 04 — Responsive settings

How can we do it?

If help or assistance is needed for a simple thing or more information, this is the right page. In Faqs the communication is fast, streamlined and complete. We don't like to wait. We don't want you to wait either.

  • 01 — FAQ
  • 02 — Contacts
  • 03 — Responsive faq
  • 04 — Responsive contacts

Support the sound with the perfect icon pack.

Creating a recognisable brand image also means making a coordinated appearance. We have designed the entire set of icons to customise the graphics of the brand altogether. All elements are immediately recognisable and user-friendly.

  • 1 — Graphic ICONS
  • 2 — Interface ICONS
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