— Client

Clickbids is a promising startup with a fresh vision and intetnion to change both the traditional bidding proccess and winnings delivery.

— Task

Create a unique and attractive cover for the product while not forgetting about simplicity, joy and fun underneath that.

— Our role

Research, Interface design, Branding, Graphics



While the project is innovative and out-of-box, it still competes with old-school but familiar products which makes it crucial to stand out. We focused on finding new benefits and unique selling points to deliver.

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    Receive, sell or exchange your prize
  • overview_second_column_picture
    Your skills and tactics pay off
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    Everyone gets same chances to win

One stop solution for all the bidding buffs.

In a market full of overwhelming and dubious websites, our focus was to set ClickBids apart as a sincere and safe platform without putting the players to sleep.

Building blocks of a brand.

The logo is designed to reflect both the product and the brand values: safety, functionality and fun. As for the icons, we made sure they were easy to understand – coz the last thing we would want is a confused player.

  • 01 — Branding

Dropping the bid in your court with our handy features.

At Flatstudio we bend over backwards (sometimes literally) to create features that hook the user in, and make their lives easier (like sitting-on-the-couch-winning-bids kinda easy).

  • 01 — bidding game

Starting on a great note in – main lobby.

ClickBids is serious about safety and establishing players' trust. To show the authenticity and credibility of the brand we designed the home page to be subtle and informative with a punch of fun.

  • 01 — Main lobby

A bidder’s paradise – all auctions.

We made it uber easy for the players to focus on their game by laying out all the auctions in a sorted fashion. We wanted the players to find exactly what they were looking for.

  • 01 — Auctions page

My auctions.

As for my auctions, the player will be shown the bids they’ve joined (that are yet to start).

  • 02 — my auctions

Pick your time at the – open auction.

We designed the open auction to be flexible so that a player can choose to take part in a game at their well suited time. Furthermore, they can also cherry-pick a lot based on parameters like entry cost and number of players that have already joined.

  • 01 — auctions
  • 02 — auctions counting

A closer look into the open lot.

This is the arena for the players to participate in auctions with known prizes. The screen is designed to ensure that the information does not seem overwhelming.

  • 01 — Open auction

Defining priorities with betting screen.

To deliver a top-notch auction experience, we made sure that the information and betting screen are well balanced. The main action area is under prime focus to make it easier for the players to bid quickly.

  • 02 — Betting screen

Raise a toast for the winner.

We wanted to celebrate the winners subtly (without giving others a hard time). Our current design is chic enough and celebrates a player’s win without making it look aggressive or in-your-face.

  • 03 — current winner

Spot the bidding ninjas on our leaderboard.

The lucid yet attractive design of leaderboard lets the players find out who’s leaping forward or moon-walking backwards in their game. To make it more worthwhile, we structured the leaderboard in a way that would enable the players to view the results depending on various time frames.

  • 01 — leaderboard
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