— Client

Skyur is a new IT service offering media an easy and convenient way to create customised apps — medium with the strongest possible bond.

— Task

Create an app design that could be easily customized for other brands and enhance the brand image.

— Our role

UI-UX, Product design



Apart from just implementing the functionality of an existing website and considering the analytics, 
we focused on a product design rather than just visual to create something new and better than ever before.

  • overview_first_column_picture
    (Re) branding
    This design is to be easily customized for a different media brand.
  • overview_second_column_picture
    Stories are the guide through the most important news
  • overview_third_column_picture
    Articles can be adjusted by user according to his needs and conditions

To the moon and back.

While speaking about media products, people would mostly say "there's nothing to invent there". 
However, our experience shows that there’s always 
room for improvement – in any product.

  • 01 — New features

Everything in its place.

Data shows that for many users the feed is not simply the main but quite often almost the one and only important screen. This is especially relevant when it comes to media content consumption.

  • 01 — Home

Stories? Highlights!

We don’t create a new type of content here but highlight the most important pieces of what we already have and give a quick overview of it.

  • 02 — Stories

More categories, 
less problems.

Considering the amount of topics Naked Science covers, we’ve dedicated a special section for categories with content previews. The key idea is to allow users to find quickly what really interests them.

  • 01 — Categories
  • 02 — Tag page

Handy bookmarks.

Having a million distractions every second, it’s easy
to forget about an article even if it’s crucial or intriguing. Bookmarks and recents make the user experience much better and improve the retention rate a lot.

  • 01 — Bookmarks

For members.

It’s getting more difficult for media to monetise properly but those with good content can still do it using a paywall or a membership. The trick is to keep the balance between making it obvious and yet not obtrusive at all.

  • 01 — For members
  • 02 — Membership

Easy to read.

For a media app the readability of articles remains the most important aspect. How to make it work for everyone? Keep it simple, minimalistic and at the same time allow the perfect personalisation.

  • 01 — Open article
  • 02 — Dark or white

Small but gold.

Why spending resources on a dozen of different mediocre apps when can create one exquisite and easily adjust it to other brands? The minimalistic design allows to brand the app just by changing the logo and colour.

  • 01 — Multi app
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