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Nedvex simply wants to ensure easy and intuitive access to real estate, and also connects realty to its users all over the world.

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— Task

Providing an intuitive and easily accessible platform that connects users to all available properties in the market.

— Our role

Front-end, Product Design, Branding, Research, Graphic design



Nedvex operates as a digital real estate agent effectively connecting its users to available real estates and properties online without intermediaries.

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    Discover the top and best rated properties.
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    Objects with technical specs and floor plans.
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    Choose properties by their location.

Real State or just Nedvex as we call it.

A simple and smooth interface with a well laid out dashboard for better navigation. Then there's the beautiful display of the tastefully furnished available properties in the market with the pricing and other essentials.

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Use Nedvex, find your way like never before.

With Nedvex, you're guaranteed more than your fair share of realty. A map navigation feature will help you find your way to your new home, office or whatever you landed with Nedvex.

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Explore all you need to know.

Nedvex maps allows users to look up various real estates and properties with a range of search filters to enhance the results.

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  • 03 — technical specs
  • 04 — search filters
  • 05 — detailed search

Different type of real estate here.

If it's worth knowing, then Nedvex takes care of that. You can find all the necessary information about the featured properties on the map - from pricing to infrastructure, on an all inclusive webpage.

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  • 02 — search by area
  • 03 — Variety of Objects
  • 04 — object sidebar
  • 05 — sidebar with map
  • 06 — house plan sidebar
  • 07 — Sidebar with Floor plan and area

In details.

The perfect 'All-you-need-to-know' guide. From parking space to proximity to town or even the most intricate details about an apartment, Nedvex has got you covered.

  • 08 — Real state details

See between the walls.

Beyond pictures, prices and reviews, Nedvex provides the full architectural layout and floor plans of all properties. Get to know the real estate inside-out, literally.

  • 09 — residential complex

See it for yourself.

The site features photo slides of as many as 7 pictures on each pack. Treat your eyes to beautiful and amazing images of all that you will enjoy in your new place.

  • 10 — photo slider

Custom made graphics.

An array of over 50 simple and complex icons and illustrations all specially customized to give Nedvex a unique and navigable interface for a frictionless user experience.

  • 01 — Simple icons
  • 02 — Complex icons

Urban style illustrations.

Because real estate business doesn't always have to be solemn and serious business, Nedvex brings the fun to property hunting with creative and fun illustrations to liven things up.

New features
Update from support January 29, 2016

Modal windows in Nedvex.

We’ve created presentation modals for Nedvex including login, password recovery and contact support that will improve and enhance user experience.

  • 01 — authorization
  • 02 — custom modal
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