— Client

Cyberbet is an online platform that keeps track of the best offers and prizes from online games on betting platforms with regular updates on gaming news to help you place the best bets and choose suitable bookmakers.

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— Task

Develop a website for Cyberbet with responsive features to facilitate game betting.

— Our role

Product Design, UI/UX, Branding



Online platform that keeps track of the best offers and prizes from online games on betting platforms to help you choose suitable bookmakers.

Betting ground.

Using a dark theme with the smoothest of interfaces, we created user friendly web pages with responsive features for Cyberbet. From matches and game predictions to bonuses and promos, if it is about betting you can find it all here.

  • 01 — Home page
  • 02 — Responsive

Stay smart, bet smarter.

The incorporated articles feature on the main page keeps users informed with regular updates on games and betting platforms. Get informed, make good betting decisions and clear out.

  • 03 — Article expanded
  • 04 — Article responsive

Let the games begin.

We built in a tournament section that brings you a lot of details on ongoing tournaments. Here you can check out information about schedules, prizes, competing participants, available betting sites and a lot of other useful data. You won't miss a thing.

  • 05 — Tournament section expanded
  • 06 — Tournament responsive
  • 07 — Tournament responsive

Your partner-in-bet.

We created a Bookmakers ratings page where users can view all available bookmakers that support cyber betting. This section also provides useful information like available languages, deposit amount, withdrawal options, security of your bets, currencies and array of other things.

  • 01 — Rating of bookmakers
  • 02 — Bookmaker profile
  • 03 — responsive rating
  • 04 — responsive bookmaker profile

May the odds be in your favour.

For the Offers page, Flatstudio developed an interface that elaborates odds using predictive tools to provide the best offers on games for the users to bet on.

  • 01 — Offers and bonuses page
  • 02 — Offer expanded
  • 03 — Responsive offers and bonuses page
  • 04 — Responsive offer

Fully at your service.

We designed a customer support system that tends to users in need of assistance. With a well documented and organized FAQ page, your answers are already here.

  • 01 — Questions list
  • 02 — Responsive FAQ
  • 03 — answer expanded
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