— Client

Class Act Sports is an American sports media company focused on bringing attention to and amplifying the positive impacts that athletics have on the daily lives of people around the world.

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— Task

Design an ultimate experience fantasy sports website with engaging game flow.

— Our role

Product design, Graphic design, Brand support



Gone Streakin’ is a revolutionary fantasy game that offers a unique possibility to have fun and win exclusive memorabilia from famous athletes at the same time. We tried to highlight this joyful experience throughout the website making it clean and yet playfull.

Where your sports dreams come true.

Why creating a home page when you can have a cosmodrome and launch rockets straight away? Yeah, forget long boring explanations – here are the games you can dive in and the most relevant info.

  • 01 — Index
  • 02 — Slider
  • 03 — Offers

Choose your 
type of fun.

Sprints or marathons? You can do both! Gone Streakin’ features two types of contests. It’s awesome for users but brings a design challenge – not only to fit all the info and keep the flow simple but also to show both the differences and consistency.

  • 04 — My games
  • 05 — Big Cards
  • 06 — Small cards

Player Pick’em

Choose your warrior! Or better – 18 athlets. Player Pick’em may seem difficult to start with since it requires some sports knowledge but let the flow drive you and previous games’ statistics advise you.

  • 07 — Player selection
  • 08 — Leaderboard
  • 09 — Player selection
  • 10 — Leaderboard

Survive & Advance

Want to see your opponents eliminated week by week? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Join the S&A contest, build your survival strategy wisely and have an eye on what your opponents choose and which athlete is in favour.

  • 11 — Progress
  • 12 — Leaderboard
  • 13 — Progress
  • 14 — Leaderboard

All eyes on you

But we won’t let it be awkward. In your profile, you can edit your info, invite your friends to join and check out your progress. 3 tabs – and it’s all only yours.

  • 15 — invite friends
  • 16 — Settings
  • 17 — invite friends
  • 18 — Settings

What rules the world? The rules!

In the case of Gone Streakin’, the key to success is simplicity. Yet even the easiest to understand things require explanation and rules set beforehand. To make it less dull and more comprehensive, we break the content in sections and add a video – for those who seek more.

  • 19 — Survive & Advance
  • 20 — Player Pick’em
  • 21 — Survive & Advance
  • 22 — Player Pick’em

Small things that matter

How do you show something very complex and rather abstract in a tiny icon 40x40? How about a bunch of rather similar things you need to identify by few details only? We nailed it! Our team now knows a lot about sports so we are opened for job offers here.

  • 09 — icons

… to be continued

We are still working on new features for Gone Streakin’. Stay tuned to see more.

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