— Client

Google Play is one of the preeminent online platforms responsible for providing and managing media and gaming content on mobile devices for android users.

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— Task

Create a more functional media platform with the incorporation of dynamic new features for better file management.

— Our role

Concept, UI/UX Design



For a popular platform known for managing media and gaming content on mobile devices, regardless of the brilliant concept behind the project, Google Play is ridden with drawbacks that render the platform unsuitable for users publishing content. Our team at Flatstudio revamped the platform with a complete overhaul of its features to have what is now an improved and more efficient file management system.

From old to new playground.

The old platform design operated on a less navigable interface with drab and lacklustre colours giving the platform and overall dry and plain theme.

You can have it all in new Material design.

We created a homepage where users can access all of the platform's functionalities and features in quick and easy steps. Here you would find well laid out categories with added features for recommendations, subscriptions, new and popular releases all in brand new vibrant colours.

  • 01 — Main Page

Live, Play, Watch.

Everyone knows the struggles of choosing a movie to watch. Say goodbye to that – this page will help you make a right decision thanks to lists and colourful posters.

  • 01 — Movies page

Add a movie to your watchlist.

Storyline, rating, reviews, cast and crew, duration, genre and every other related element to a movie can be viewed here. Spoilers alert.

  • 02 — movie profile

Binge watch what you love.

The new design of the TV series page ensures that you never miss out on any episode of your favourite show. The page provides the details, trailers and full videos of every episode of every season on any show with the related literature and news articles.

  • 03 — Series profile

Take your TV everywhere.

We wanted to create a system where you could keep up with your favourite TV channels on your device via Google Play. From Netflix to NBC, you can easily subscribe to any TV channel to access all its films and shows.

  • 04 — TV channel profile

Lights off, Movies on.

Pressing play on any video opens it on the in-platform video player that has been improved and adapted for all devices. You can now leave comments while watching those terrific scenes you just can't get over.

  • 05 — video player

All Play tunes at your fingertips.

The music page is where you would find a wide variety of tracks for purchase made available by Google Play. Categories are based on several factors like genre, artists, popularity and collections, all displayed in an easily navigable layout.

  • 01 — Music Main Page

Music album in overview.

Here you can view all the relevant details pertaining to a particular album on the platform. Songs from the album are also outlined here and you can select your favourite tracks for purchase.

  • 02 — album page

All about the artist.

For the dedicated fans or curious music explorers a great deal of relevant information can be easily accessed on the Artist profile page. Details on their albums, upcoming concerts, related artists, record label are made available here.

  • 03 — artist profile page

World off, Sound on.

We redesigned the audio player for Google Play that allows you to listen to any track of your choice. The player also gives an overview of each selected track currently playing.

  • 04 — audio player

Music everyday, everywhere.

The new design of Google Play supports an 'All Access' subscription which allows for unlimited access to all music tracks on the platform.

  • 05 — premium access

A collection of Games and Apps.

We came up with a redesigned page for games and apps that features a great deal of both paid and free games, plus podcasts and broadcasts available on the app. The layout ensures easy navigation as all games are well grouped to bolster accessibility.

  • 01 — main apps page

Game or App in the spotlight.

The incorporated page for Company's profile gives an overview of games and apps production companies featured on Google Play. Head to this page to access a collection of apps from your favorite developers.

  • 02 — game profile page

Who is behind what.

The incorporated Company profile gives a detailed overview of Games or Apps provider featured on Google Play. Explore the whole spectrum of their creations, choose one or try them all.

  • 03 — company profile page

Your online Newsstand.

This functionality allows you to follow and keep up with a big collection of magazines, journals and publications. We integrated a payment feature with provisions for trial and full subscription.

  • 01 — newsstand main page

Read from cover to cover.

From GQ to Forbes, the Magazine profile gives a full review of the contents with details. You get the full picture, magazines rating and feedbacks, price, file size, languages available and number of pages.

  • 02 — Magazine profile

Reading? Where are you at?

We designed a function that helps you keep up with your reading progress on any magazine you select. It comes with dynamic features that lets you do things like change text style and layout, search and leave annotations.

  • 03 — Open magazine

Play in the Google bookstore.

The revamped Google Play supports a wide assortment of books, from comics to novels. You can browse through the various categories under Best sellers, Authors, Popular books and more, to find what you enjoy.

  • 01 — Main books Page

The full story.

This page gives you the opportunity to immense yourself in the story before the purchase with a few first pages of the book. You also get useful details like book size in MB, number of pages, book ratings.

  • 02 — book profile page

Your virtual bookshelf.

This incorporated function allows you to keep an online library of books where they can be easily accessed. The Read feature present here helps put a tab on the books you have already read.

  • 03 — my books Page

Play on, read on.

We thought you might want to keep track of how far you have read in a particular novel. Like with Magazines in our concept you can add annotations to the text, bookmark pages, search for particular expressions, change font styles and so on.

  • 04 — open book page
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