— Client

Stavka TV is a leading Russian tipster website and gambling social network with the main focus on users and user-generated content. The website was launched three years ago and quickly gained its audience and appreciation.

App store
— Task

Create an app that would reinforce the leading positions of the website and help acquire new users and engage loyal ones.

— Our role

Strategy, UI/UX, Branding, Art direction, Motion



While having a well-functioning fully responsive mobile website, it is crucial to understand what could be improved by an application. We’ve outlined three main goals that the app could help achieve.

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    New users
    Acquisition of new users and audience expantion
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    Loyal audience
    Web-users retention and engagement
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    Diversification of partners’ promotion

Joining the perfect betting team

The best experience is guaranteed for authorized users. That is why we give many different options to log in 
so nothing can stop our guest.

  • 01 — Authorisation
  • 02 — Onboarding

All the wisdom in one place

The main screen is the user’s personalized and customizable feed of sports tips that is based on the followed tipsters.

  • 03 — Feed
  • 04 — Feed subscriptions
  • 05 — Feed filters

Top designs for the best tips

Open tips contain all the necessary bet info and even more to help the user make the right choice.

  • 07 — Open tip

Want to know more?

High-quality sports and gambling articles, analytics and interviews that engage users far beyond just a quick look.

  • 08 — Open article

House of sports

The match center is where all the available games are presented and can be easily accessed. Many various sports and the possibility to easily add even more – one of the most important features of a sports app.

  • 09 — Game hub

Ready to make the choice

Game page is where our user can get all the info that 
is needed for a reasoned and secure bet or prediction.

  • 10 — Open game
  • 11 — Game odds
  • 12 — Statistics and comments

Competition is the key

Prizes are the main driver and motivation for users to write relevant and well-thought tips that later attract a new audience and create a constantly ongoing activity.

  • 13 — Competitions

And the winner is…

Ranking of users based on the results of their tips and results – monthly or contest-based. Best of the best receive both prizes and praise.

  • 14 — Rating

The big thing made simple

One of the main Stavka TV’s advantages is the user-generated content – it’s amount and quality. That’s why the process was made as simple and easy as possible.

  • 15 — tip creation

Trust in best

Stavka TV is user-centered in any sense. Since most of the content is created by users, it is essential to reward them with a proper portfolio page.

  • 14 — expert’s profile

User’s self-portrait

All the statistics, tips history, subscriptions management, and even the comments that otherwise would be easy to miss.

  • 15 — personal profile
  • 16— following
  • 17 — discussions updates

For those who bet at night

Many matches happen during the night so we can’t let our users break their eyes considering the amount of time they spend in this app.

  • 18 — dark mode
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