— Client

Eurostavka is an ambitious young project that has all the chances to shake up the well-defined betting-related resources market, bringing the parlay forecasts and reimagining all competitors' best features into something new.

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— Task

Plan, define and design a new product with a sleek UX and exceptional style that would smoothly introduce newcomers to the betting world.

— Our role

Research, Branding, Strategy, UI/UX, Art direction, Promo, Motion



Eurostavka pursues an ambitious intention of becoming an ecosystem for gamblers, offering them all of the functionality they require to make an apprised decision. Still, the fundament for it stands on three key pillars.

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    Information about sports – schedules, news and statistics.
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    Make conclusions
    Predictions stimulated by contests create an ecosystem on their own.
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    Be aware
    All about sportsbooks – rankings, reviews, promo and recommendations.

Brand resources

To support the brand, we designed a complex of brand elements that fit any communication media and smoothly create a unique brand image.

  • 01 — Branding

New features that make a difference

While working on Eurostavka with our client, we explored new ideas and formulated new hypotheses that lead to new features.

  • 01 — Features

The main page to start the fun

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  • 01 — Main page

The best place to find a match

Eurostavka has a range of the most noteworthy football, tennis, hockey and basketball events. Most users don't need secondary leagues and prefer to bet on rather popular matches so the page is designed to provide them with an easy solution and let others find what they need.

  • 01 — Matches

Ready to expand

Eurostavka has a great potential of expanding via new sports and more leagues. The matches filtering system is ready for that as it allows exposing the matches that suit a particular taste. On mobile, the filters follow all guidelines and are placed right under the finger.

  • 02 — Matches filters
  • 03 — Mobile filters

Upcoming match

Before its beginning, the scheduled match page is the central gravitation point as it is the primary source of forecasts.

  • 04 — Tennis matches

In-play match

While the match is live, there are 2 key details people want to follow – the overall score and the most critical matters.

  • 05 — Live match
  • 06 — Mobile adaptation

Match results

The end of the game means the final results and settlement of the outcomes of each prediction.

  • 07 — Live match

All the predictions in one place

Tips, predictions or forecasts – call it what you want, but it is what this project is about. Making the right choice is tough, but a structured database of opinions of others users and experts helps a lot.

  • 01 — Forecasts page

Discipline tips

Each sport has its own fans, and its own predictions feed. So we don't focus on football only – there are some gems in each discipline.

  • 05 — Soccer forecasts

Changing forecasts

The challenge was to adjust the forecast page for different states – too much or no content at all, single bets or 10x multiples. The secret was to keep it eye-pleasing and straightforward.

  • 06 — Open forecast
  • 07 — Adaptive forecasts

On top of the news tsunami

Eurostavka offers exclusive news and on-time updates, allowing to create informed predictions as dynamics in sports are presented not only on stadiums and during matches but behind-the-scenes as well.

  • 01 — All news

The proper way

Extended details mean there might be several types of data included. That's why content is ready to be formatted in any way.

  • 01 — Open article
  • 02 — Adaptive

Structured just like that

The news section follows the structure of matches and forecasts – everything is arranged by particular sports.

  • 03 — Tag page

Read the best

Last but not least, we are praising the best editors of Eursotavka and give an option to check out all the texts of each one.

  • 04 — Author page
  • 05 — Adaptive

Real cash for really good predictions

The most successful and proficient predictors can win cash prizes in several contests. Competitions are intended to drive the interest and generate positive motivation for users to make more predictions. That's why it was essential making them genuinely charming and yet clear and swiftly readable.

  • 01 — Contest page

Welcome to the game

Once a user gets interested in a contest, it is critical to give him a warm welcome – answer all the questions and lead to a match.

  • 02 — Open Contest page

Portraiting profile

Profile pages are created in a way that it is easy to understand any user's level at a glance. Both guest and personal views are identical, so it is easier to compare the strengths and weaknesses. The main info is presented briefly, allowing one to get to know someone in seconds.

  • 01 — Profile page
  • 02 — Adaptive profile

Other's profile

One of the critical aspects of the project is competition. It is not only about the money; it is also about being better than others. Because of that, users are deeply interested in the performance of other users.

  • 03 — Other's profile

Evident settings

Never overcomplicate things that can be done simply. Personal data should be slight, and any changes to it evident and easy to perform.

  • 04 — Setting page

Home of knowledge

Profitable betting requires both skills and awareness. Eurostavka is created to educate and train for free; it would not be complete without a comprehensive explanation.

  • 01 — Betting school
  • 02 — Adaptive

Sportsbooks rankings that make sense

Ccomprehensive reviews and rankings of the most popular sportsbooks that let you choose an actual battlefield wisely.

  • 01 — Bookmakers rating
  • 02 — Ratings profile
  • 03 — Bookmakers rating

A professional review

Each sportsbook is carefully studied by a professional team that criticizes the downsides and applauses good aspects.

  • 04 — Bookmakers profile

Hidden gems of promo

Sportsbooks announce new promo campaigns so often that even regular players can't keep track of it. To help them and solve business goals, there is a special section on the website.

  • 01 — Bonuses

The silver plate

Bonus and campaign details are crucial, but the actual value of Eurostavka is an explanation of things – a glossary in a sidebar.

  • 02 — Open bonuses

The ticket to the winning path

Eurostavka imitates the actual betting process as a playground and offers the possibility to bet quickly and easily while smoothly educating users and giving opportunities to try different approaches.

  • 01 — Betslip
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