— Client

Rede Expressos is a major bus transportation company in Portugal that can get you almost anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula and even further.

— Task

Improve the app to speed up the digitalisation and reduce offline sale points expenses and queues.

— Our role

Strategy, UI-UX, branding



Traveling by bus seems to be a growing trend that although unfortunately was slowed down by pandemic still remains a good alternative. We’ve tried to especially emphasize the benefits of traveling by bus within the app

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    Safety first
    Buses are one the safest transports. Still, we’re prepared for any scenario with the SOS button.
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    Eco friendly
    Eco-consciousness is a complex thing – from switching to public buses to reducing the paper tickets.
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    The culture shift and local tourism trends now put the emotions in the head of everything, not distances.

Grow and improve.

The app was launched around 5 years ago with no significant redesigns since. We did an audit and identified several problems in UX and UI. The major ones were inconsistency, intricacy and lack of information. 
For quick wins we’ve started with the main things...

  • 01 - Home page

The short way.

Obviously, the main flow of the app
is the search for tickets. The focus of the redesign was making this journey as easy as possible and helping users on each step by making it all obvious.

  • 01 — ticket purchase
  • 02 — ticket details

Trip details.

It is essential to know how comfortable will be your journey – especially when it comes to long-distance rides. That's why the reviews and coach features are available just a scroll away.

  • 03 — extra details

Get comfortable in the seat.

For those who really care, we've created a perfect way to imagine the trip and start loving it even before getting on the bus – using our 3D models to visualise and illustrate the exterior and interior.

  • 04 — bus overview

Comfort, all the way.

Rede Expressos’ client needs to know it all before the purchase, but that doesn’t end there. The company cares about the post-sale experience even more – offering all the details within two taps on the screen.

The best way.

Saving the planet never felt better before – no need for paper tickets means more details on-hand, full situation control and way less stress.

  • 01 — e-ticket

Enjoy the window view

Wherever you wanna go, we'll be there for you – providing you with all the data about both all the possible destinations and traffic details or points of attraction thanks to our unique onboard map.

Better than a tour.

The road trip gets interesting for both children and adults with a bit of magic or, better said, a proper but not obvious product decision.

  • 01 — guide

Keep it safe.

You never know what could happen – from a woman giving birth to a car accident next to you. Here's the feature of auto-call for those who care.

  • 02 — sos button
  • 03 — trip finished

Your fellow traveller

With the latest iOS, Apple devices finally got the widgets feature. Clearly, the apps that have it get more chances to become the users' favourites.

Nightriders are welcome

Whenever you decide to escape at night or during the day – we'll always make it comfortable for you and take care of your eyes and your next-seat-neighbor's dreams.

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