— Client

Yours is a social network designed to provide incentives for authors and other internet users for their contents, discoveries, comments and tips via payment in the digital currency — Bitcoins.

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— Task

Strengthen the brand positioning. Incentivizing authors means better quality of contents.

— Our role

UI/UX, Illustration, Art direction



Make money doing something you love. From authors and curators to moderators and editors, Yours guarantees that if you contribute to the availability of great contents online, your efforts are rewarded - in cash.

Explore it all.

Sleek and easily navigable interface. The Yours’ homepage is so well designed and structured everything is essentially a click away. From preview of other articles to well laid out communities, you couldn't be more assured of an amazing reading experience.

  • 01 — home page
  • 02 — Thread Blocks

Free and payed articles.

Nothing should bother or disturb user while he’s reading an article – this was our key idea here. Get the full deal on articles and savour all you want.

  • 01 — Locked article
  • 02 — Paid article
  • 03 — responsive article

Boost it up.

It's all about what you do. Beyond reading articles, with Yours you can vote, tip and comment on all of them. Want to get it to a wider audience? Share it on other social networks as it pleases.

  • 04 — Vote for it or make a tip
  • 05 — floating button
  • 06 — Botton actions

Your content, your rules.

Creating content on-the-go. Yours allows you to publish your content and set the rules for each post. From your preferred community tags to the purchase price, if you authored it, then everything is all Yours to determine.

  • 07 — Create paid content

Express yourself.

Personalise and customise what's Yours. With total control of your profile, you are at liberty to customise and personalise your profile to your preference, as it pleases, whenever it pleases. Linking to other social networks is also encouraged.

  • 01 — editing profile
  • 02 — user articles & comments
  • 03 — user comments

Everything is represented.

Stimulating illustrations and graphics for your pleasure. Yours features a variety of illustrations and graphics all designed to suit their distinctive purposes and enhance the user experience.

  • 01 — icons
  • 02 — illustrations
New features
Update from support March 23, 2018

Button up, cash out.

Earn money with custom widgets. Users on the network can create, customise and embed their personal buttons on the Yours network interface. The process has been so simplified, it's easy to set up and even easier to apply.

  • 01 — Widget page

Now you're talking money.

Money changing hands is never something to be joked around with. Set up and link your cryptocurrency wallet to Yours, following every step religiously. Now sit back and watch that cash stack up.

  • 01 — profile balance
  • 02 — notifications
  • 03 — profile menu
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