— Client

Bettabets is a gambling operator in South Africa presented mainly offline before the pandemic, focusing on offering the best experience in the retail spaces. However, caring for its customers, in 2020, Bettabets decided to transfer this experience into a safer environment.

— Task

Help the client transition smoothly to digital and enrich user experience while keeping the flow simple.

— Our role

Research, UI-UX, Art direction



Funny fact: gambling in South Africa differs from traditional markets as it is a young industry that was strictly prohibited during the apartheid up to 1994. What does it mean for design? An opportunity to create new user habits and implement new ideas.

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    Traditional sportsbook structure wouldn’t work due to different games
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    Interface design
    Simple forms, familiar images and patterns that appeal
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    3d icons
    Eye-catching 3D icons that speak for themselves

A sneak peek of the main features

New ideas come from research and observation – we re-applied the bexst offline practices and nature inspiration to the new website.

  • 01 — sneak peek

Building the core of the project

The same screen can be structured in many different ways, but only some would deliver the message and make the interactions seamless. Therefore, nailing down a good interface structure is an essential part of product design.

  • 02 — wireframes

Think Through, Think Again

While the main aim was to keep the flow simple and reimagine the betting flow turning it into a simple and intuitive game, the wireframing process itself wasn’t simple, although it also reminded a game.

  • 02 — flow

Unusual design system

As the wireframes were ready, we focused on combining the offline brand guidelines with the digital solutions and, based on that, setting the design system. Ditto, the goal was to create an image with a strong appeal.

  • 01 — design system

Dive into the BettaWorld

The main page is made to resonate with users’ moods, creating excitement and still explaining what is going on.

  • 01 — home page
  • 02 — mobile home

Pick Your Lucky Number

Lotteries are classics in terms of gambling — most of the adult population participated in some kind. In South Africa lottery betting is complex and popular.

  • 01 — lottery lobby

Lottery flow

While digitalising it, the proviso is to keep it simple — lottery games should stay no-brainers. Like, in this case, the bet basket gives users the possibility to gather all the desired combinations and bet in one click.

  • 02 — open game
  • 03 — results

Soccer that sparks

Betting on soccer often seems overcomplicated. Simplifying it means lowering the entry point — giving opportunity to gain the love off newcomers.

  • 01 — soccer lobby

Odds right away

No need for extra transitions to the match page — markets and odds are readily available right in the lobby.

  • 02 — odds view options
  • 03 — pick stake
  • 04 — result of matches

Overview all the data

Keeping track of all the past and upcoming bets and transactions are made easy.

  • 01 — profile

Your BettaBank

Observe, deposit, withdraw, exchange — one place and few clicks to do it all.

  • 02 — view my games
  • 02 - adjust profile
  • 03 - withdraw money
  • 04 - banks payment info

Support is always there

It is essential to make finding answers or contacting support extra easy as no one like the stress.

  • 01 - support section

Saving everyone

Quick navigation through the main topics of interest may save a lot of money that would be otherwise wasted on support team.

  • 02 - select section of interest
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