— Client

Startup with a passion to digital marketing and customer acquisition. The main aim of the company is to provide their customers targeted high quality web and mobile traffic.

— Task

Create the project from the scratch, making the dashboard fully adaptive for all devices.

— Our role

Strategy, Ui-Ux Design, Illustrations, Animations



Flatstudio worked closely with ADX team over this dashboard to create a clean and easy to work with interface. The main challenge achieved in this project was to keep things simple and intuitive both on web and mobile.

Absolutely unique experience.

Adx accepts any links, whether it’s your channel or pdf file, and there is an opportunity to shorten your link which makes it easier to remember. Use your favorite platform to track link popularity around the world, and monetize it with a speed of one click.

  • 01 — Landing page
  • 02 — adaptivity

Outstanding user experience.

It lets you monitor the evolution of your results by different periods of the day, weeks or even in real time. Goals are traced visually, facilitating an understanding of information.


Here you can track how many times your link was opened in the last visit. The ability to monitor the popularity of your link in real time and also to track in which country your content is more popular. Possibility to filter out the bots that open your links are also available.

  • 01 — summary dashboard
  • 02 — Open menu
  • 03 — Open links


Select the link and find out how much profit it brings in real time. Keep track of every payment, stay on top of things.

  • 04 — Financies page
  • 05 — Open link


Full monitoring available. Choose your favorite format and export it. Bring your friend and receive your reward with every click.

  • 06 — Affiliates page
  • 07 — Table interactions
  • 08 — Export data
  • 09 — Empty affiliates


All your accounts are in one place, you can just as easily change them as you would add a new link. Create an account in a minute and start monetising.

  • 10 — Personal & Company settings

Custom graphics embodiment of perfection.

We have considered each pixel to create a simple and user-friendly design that is pleasing to the eye.

  • 01 — Interface icons
New features
Update from support February 22, 2018

What about adaptive dashboard?

Complex dashboard can be easily adapted to any screen. Don’t worry about missing something while changing between your platforms, every little thing will be there waiting for you right as you remember it.

  • 01 — Main pages
  • 02 — Finances
  • 03 — open link
  • 04 — Affiliates
  • 05 — Settings

… to be continued

We are still working on new features for ADX platform. Stay tuned to see more.

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