— Client

Naked Science, or in other words 'scientific point of view', is a Russian based science magazine with an online portal focused on the dissemination of the latest information via articles, photos, videos, podcasts and interviews on every science related topic, from technology to psychology and everything in between.

— Task

Create an iOS app for the NS platform to help define the visual characteristics of their product and enhance the efficiency of the project.

— Our role

Interface design, Ui kit, Animations



The Flatstudio team designed an innovative app for the Naked Science portal to complement the functionalities of the website which we also created. Built on a simplified interface with dynamic features, the app was created to better the competency of the Naked Science project in its mission to popularize science.

Science, just as you like it.

Tired and bored of scrolling through several articles just to find something you would enjoy? We designed the app with the 'For you' section that brings you your preferred scientific topics of interest in texts and videos. No stress.

  • 01 — For you page
  • 02 — Articles
  • 03 — Videos
  • 04 — video playing

First things first.

In the 'Headlines' section, our team created an interface that displays the major headlines from each available category. Here, you can decide to follow up and read more on stories that interest you based on the headlines.

  • 01 — Headlines
  • 02 — Open category
  • 03 — Open category scroll
  • 04 — related news page open
  • 05 — related news modal

Stay tuned, stay live.

If staying updated on certain stories means a lot to you, well then, say hello to our newly integrated 'live' feature. Now, you can live stream all types of videos from launches to broadcast. And what's more? You can also share the information on social media and leave comments on the page.

  • 01 — Live
  • 02 — Open live
  • 03 — Broadcast
  • 04 — Share
  • 05 — Comments

Deepen your knowledge.

With new adaptive features, we made sure you don't just get the latest news but get them in style. Here you can change the font styles and apply your preferred colour theme from a selection of 3. The goal is to make reading as convenient as possible.

  • 01 — Favourites
  • 02 — Select text
  • 03 — Read mode
  • 04 — Articles

Shhhhh... listen up.

Too exhausted to read up on all those articles? Not to worry, we created an app interface that supports audio channels via podcasts. Plug in your earphones and let someone else do the talking.

  • 01 — Science Podcasts
  • 02 — Podcasts
  • 03 — Podcasts scroll
  • 04 — podcast list
  • 05 — Article tip

Explore science on your own terms.

We incorporated a number of extra pages on the app to give you the most frictionless browsing experience, such as personalised user profile, a photo gallery where you can view images with a special ‘Photo of the day’ feature and a shortcut to download the last edition of the Naked Science magazine.

  • 01 — profile
  • 02 — Magazine
  • 03 — Columnists
  • 04 — Photo of the day
  • 05 — photo of the day animation
  • 06 — Company
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