— Client

Invest with Experts is a knowledge exchange platform where investors, both professional and amateur can share their investment ideas and receive monetary reward upon the successful execution of those ideas.

— Task

Build a unified and fully adaptive platform for seamless exchange of business ideas among investors.

— Our role

Product design, Graphic design, Branding



In conjunction with the team behind Invest with Experts, Flatstudio created a brand new platform with a simplified interface and advanced features to sharing of ideas, reviews and a host of other functions.

Branding, a new point of view.

Nothing spells authenticity like a new and proper logo. We created a distinctive brand identity for the IWE platform with a target-like symbol, that represents the essence of the brand - targeting great business ideas.

  • 01 — Brandbook

Logo, the seal of originality

To arrive to the end result we used a grid and carefully calculated the distances between elements. Final logo works on both dark and light backgrounds to fit any function.

  • 01 - Logo grid
  • 01 — Dark background
  • 02 — Light background

IWE, a home for great business ideas.

We built the interface around business ideas using a simple and interactive layout with adaptive features. The layout is comfortable to read so that you become an expert with zero effort. Here you can also share and discuss your ideas with other savvy entrepreneurs. It's all business from here.

  • 01 — Main page
  • 02 — All ideas
  • 03 — News
  • 04 — Comliance

Investment ideas, stay in the loop.

In business, you are either informed or ignorant. We integrated an 'Investment ideas' section featuring ideas from other investors on the platform to ensure that you are part of the informed. Here you can also share, download and like your favourite pieces.

  • 01 — Opened idea

The world is your audience.

Do you have an idea you need to share? Flatstudio incorporated the 'add idea' feature that allows you to do just that. You also get to set the analytics and pricing structure for your contribution - your idea, your business.

  • 01 — Add idea
  • 02 — Analytics modal

An assembly of investors.

The members section as we designed, displays fellow investors on the platform. Here, the members are ranked based on number of posted ideas, qualifications and the profitability of the account.

  • 01 —All members

Here you are.

We designed a profile page with the basic features and an easily navigable layout. Feel free to customize your personal page to fit your style and preference. You can also view a progress report on the status of your idea, from evaluation to publication level.

  • 02 — Expert’s profile
  • 02 — Edit profile modal
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