— Client

TML (Transporte Metropolitanos de Lisboa) is the coordinating company for metropolitan passenger transport in the Lisbon metropolitan area.

— Task

Involves a design-driven process, attention to details, empathy, 3D illustrations and innovation inclusive color schemes, with effective UX/UI design.

— Our role

Research, UI/UX, 3D Illustrations



Our approach involves a design-driven process, attention to details, empathy, 3D illustrations and innovation inclusive color schemes, with effective UX/UI design.

Design system

Our team worked closely with the TML transportation company to understand their specific research needs and deliver insights that informed our design decisions.

Discover through main page

Embark on a digital journey with Flatstudio’s latest masterpiece - a municipal transport website that’s “station”-ary no more! Its sleek, user-friendly design promises a modern experience and a rock-solid foundation for future growth. All aboard!

Specially designed Inclusive color schemes

Breaking barriers. Our design considers the needs of visually impaired minorities, resulting in a more inclusive user experience.

Daily news roundup

Our team introduces a sleek, modern design for Company’s Transport News. Optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile, it promises a superior user experience. Stay informed with dynamic updates and event announcements.

Navegante card design

Presenting our sleek landing page for payment card design made for public transportation. It represents the idea of minimalist sophistication, reflecting the constant movement in urban transit.

  • 01 - Mobile map

Dive into interactive wiki world

We create a wiki page, designed for both employees and customers. We focused on making the page user-friendly by including intuitive navigation for effortless access to important information.

  • 01 - Mobile searching

Journey through categories

Journey through categories, swiftly navigate, find answers effortlessly – TML employees’ ultimate knowledge hub.

  • 02 - Categories

Effortlessly navigate

Diverse categories with a design that adapts seamlessly on any advice.

  • 03 — Mobile adaptivity
  • 04 - DISCONTOS

Attention to details. As always

Discover our enduring commitment to perfection, where every detail matters, and excellence is the only standard we uphold.

  • 05 - Details

Uncover remarkable other pages

Every inch of the website received our meticulous care, from the prominent pages to the subtle corners. We maintained a consistent style, ensuring no detail was neglected.

Mobile instructions

From main stage to backstage. It’s all fully responsive, so you can enjoy on any mobile device, even on the bus rides!

  • 01 — mobile Instructions

Dive into design playground!

Experience news, articles, FAQs and interactive widgets in a fresh, modern style for an exciting user journey.

  • 02 — Instruction pages
  • 03 — mobile SEARCHing
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