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From scheduling to delivery and all the teamwork in between, Tonomo streamlines your entire process so you can focus on the big picture.

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Carefully consider the needs of both marketing agency professionals and their non-digital local clients and create a flexible product for their needs.

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Research, UI/UX, Branding



Tonomo was an existing product requiring thoughtful changes within tight time and resource constraints. While functionality was present, the original design and user experience took a back seat.

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    Functional Harmony
    Keeping balance between enhancing functionality and user-friendly UX.
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    Tailored Fulfillment
    Meeting all the needs given the specific audience.
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    Efficient Solutions
    Addressing strict time and available resource limitations.

Product features

This is where we invested our utmost expertise — from seamless order preparation and captivating property landing pages to the smart scheduling and streamlined booking process.

Design System

The grid system, layout, typography, and color palette harmoniously blend to create a visually captivating experience. While prioritising functionality, we never overlooked aesthetics in our design approach. So it can make even the toughest aesthetes say "I'm sold!"

  • 01 — Brand color
  • 02 — Font style

Start smart: simple and enjoyable onboarding

The onboarding pages had to be a delightful blend of simplicity and functionality. Designed to gather extensive company-specific information, the process is broken down into user-friendly steps.

Seamless booking meets effortless management!

It is a pivotal part of the product, ensuring seamless order placement for customers. In truth, it can be called — order oasis.

  • 01 — mobile services

Choose your convenient time

Scheduling pages had to be as clear as a cloudless sky: orders usually are really information-packed and it’s easy to get lost in the booking whirlwind.

  • 02 — mobile schedule

Checkout Bliss

The checkout page dances between gathering final details and displaying chosen options. We give users a chance to double-check and leave them no reasons to leave.

Streamlined management central

It brings order to chaos, providing a centralised hub for streamlined management.

Organized order details

It is a haven of clarity. Clients can easily view details and track status. It's so organized that real estate agents might create orders with marketing agencies just to enjoy the convenience of neatly organized property notes!

  • 03 — mobile order details

Staff dashboard: glance and organize

The idea was to reveal the agency's order data in one glance and not overwhelm a user. So it is organised with clear color code and a visually harmonious composition.

  • 01 — Responsive orders

Control all aspects of customer orders

This page offers detailed order status and clear next steps. The client requested an all-in-one screen, presenting a challenge in prioritizing information.

  • 02 — mobile schedule

Best time management

It is a captivating realm we will explore in more detail below. Here we just give an opportunity to see a whole picture. Stay tuned!

Delivery: seamless and beautiful

Efficient and organized delivery to estate agents is paramount. We've fine-tuned the technical wizardry in Tonomo, ensuring a smooth, and oh-so-fun experience.

  • 03 — mobile schedule

Paying process

The pages shine with transparency, simplifying complex pricing and payment factors. No more manual invoice creation or data syncing headaches.

  • 04 — transaction

Change order status and communicate easily

Within each order, experience a mini Kanban board and even task-specific messaging, all seamlessly integrated.

  • 05 — order stages

Scheduling supercharged: streamline and simplify

The schedule dashboard brings order to the complexity of scheduling. Effortlessly manage photographers and assign specialists for diverse shoots, whether managed by a small business owner or a dedicated project management team.

Search and edit

Effortlessly find and navigate existing entries with the convenient search.

Flyer builder: empower marketing efforts

The graphics builder section holds immense potential and is currently under development.

Jobs — orchestrating efficiency and clarity

Here all tasks unite in perfect harmony in one centralized location. The process is highly automated, allowing companies to create task algorithms triggered by service progression.

Open job modal

All details for each job are elegantly structures, ensuring convenience and clarity.


The job template, created alongside its components and creation rules, minimises errors and maximises efficiency.

Capture perfect: photography mode

There are diverse needs within marketing agencies, and photography mode caters to one of them. For photographers, the admin panel helps to capture important details effortlessly.

Bill bliss: customer flow

The customer invoice pages effortlessly solve billing mysteries and intricate billing challenges for real estate marketing companies and brokerages.


In the enchanting realm of mobile view, even the most detail-packed payment screens are gracefully organised.

Order delivery

It's showtime! Each order delivery arrives to a client as a stunning landing page, highlighting the stellar results with the help of our magic design.

  • 01 — Orders delivery
  • 02 — mobile delivery

Easy to use single property website dashboard

The website constructor is where flexibility meets beauty. It allows easily assemble pre-existing content into a magical online masterpiece.

Property details

The magic unfolds as the envisioned features come to life from the initial order.

Upload and sort

Harness the power of visual presentation while adding, removing, and editing with ease.

  • 01 — Photo gallery

Videos management

Lights, camera, action! Manage videos with flair, choosing their star roles on different website versions.

  • 02 — videos

And even more functionality

Other pages are a treasure trove of functionality, deserving a dedicated presentation of their own. But let's not keep you waiting...

Property website

… and reveal the ultimate beauty – the website template itself. It's stunning, versatile, customizable and elegant, designed to impress even the most discerning homebuyer – the pickiest of users.

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