— Client

Echo.am is an AI-powered news aggregation website that allows readers to see the full picture by showing all the main topics and all the articles published on each of them.

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— Task

Design a creative, modern yet trustworthy, and reliable news aggregation responsive site.

— Our role

Branding, Motion, Interface design



The project aims to solve one of the most challenging issues of the twenty-first century – an overwhelming waterfall of information that comes from everywhere and needs constant verification.

What’s going on?

Featuring all the main topics and top news, the main page is meant to allow readers to get the idea of the trending and significant updates and, thanks to the tags, quickly navigate through the relevant ones.

  • 01 — Main page
  • 02 — adaptive

Where are all the industry news?

For those who are interested in a specific field, there is no need to search for it – the secondary navigation allows to filter it all in one click.

  • 01 — category page

How can we see the full picture?

The story page is where there are gathered all the articles and info regarding one topic or news. If the main page is the project’s heart, this one is all the blood vessels.

  • 01 — story page

Any emotions evoked?

While Echo is a serious platform for those who analyze the details and search for the truth, users still get emotional and it is crucial to have the possibility to express the feelings and share the mood by tapping respective emoji.

  • 02 — emojies

Want to express your ideas?

Sometimes emojis are not enough and only words can help. For those who want to share their conclusions, there is a comments section that leaves no one in the shadow.

  • 03 — open comments

How many articles there are?

While the Echo website is not a media and does not produce any content, it still highlights the articles on different topics. The focus is the quick navigation through articles thanks to titles, short descriptions and visuals, while the source and other information should be secondary.

  • 01 — articles page

What is the best media?

The Echo project features and rank top Armenian media based on different criteria like the number of mentions and website visits. All automated and trustable.

  • 01 — ranking page

Want a little extra?

We love the approach “the less is better” in design but when it comes to product features that are not always the right path. Considering the target audience of this project, we created a browser extension that allows users to always have it all at hand.

  • 01 — browser extension

Want some rest?

Echo project is a great companion for business but an even better one for leisure – providing a no-brainer way to choose a perfect movie directly in your browser.

  • 02 — movies catalogue

What other people think?

And when it comes to articles and comments it is all there – no need for links and google, there's a special search right in your browser.

  • 03 — comments
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