— Client

Vertdider is a non-profit studio that specializes in translation to Russian and voice-over of popular science materials on a volunteer basis.

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— Task

Redesign Vertdider website so that it’s structure highlights the content.

— Our role

Support, Research, Branding, Product Design



Out of our love for science we did this project pro-bono for Vertdider. Together with its team Flatstudio recreated the entire website to offer improved user experience. New version boosts the Vertdider studio main mission - scientific content in russian.

A home for scientific video content.

Flatstudio designed the interface around Vertdider studio concept. Movies about space, documentaries about technology and biology define the mood and tone of the website. Homepage is all about providing a content with good layout and useful sections. The page has great usability that includes proper use of video content, intuitive structure and strategic use of visuals – for example, a cool-toned dark main theme with neutral grey background was used for video lists to facilitate navigation.

01 — Main page old vs new
  • 02 — Main page

Watch, listen, learn and be amazed.

Since videos are great the interface of the video page should be great too. In the new design the video takes the most part of the screen with title and information placed below. To keep user more interested they can find other videos from a suggestion section or start a discussion in comments bellow.

  • 01 — video page

Video player functionality.

Video player is one of the most important parts of the new interface. It has all the necessary features with carefully designed UI-elements, clear and stylish icons and clean design.

  • 02 — video player

All about Verdider.

About pages are very important to show the audience more about the website and the company. We designed this page with clean and informative style and content.

  • 01 — About us page

Science blogging matters.

Milky way to all you might want to know: important events of the Verdider studio, news, special projects and relevant personalities in the world of technology.

  • 01 — personal blog page
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