— Client

Candyloop is a concept of an innovative casino that creates additional value for users and brings extra emotions through social interactions and following.

— Task

Create a product that would arouse emotions on different levels to provide a motivation distributed over time.

— Our role

Strategy, UI/UX, Branding, 3D, Research



Focusing on creating additional value for users, we aimed to stimulate additional positive emotions and expand the effect to motivate people to invest more of their time in acquiring pleasant feelings.

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    Ranking and prizes
    Motivatin users through leaderboards, contests with big prizes and drops.
  • overview_second_column_picture
    A personal touch
    Offering a personalised selection of games and events for any taste.
  • overview_third_column_picture
    Social interactions
    Bringing human faces and true communication into an online casino.

What we did.

With this idea in mind, we created an image and functionality that arouse emotions on four different levels and within different sequences in order to provide a motivation distributed over time.

Get to know it all.

Structured Home page guides users through games. Promo is visually integrated into the interface.

  • 01 — Home page

Browse your own selection.

Reminders that allow to plan your schedule and jump back in recent history moments, recomendations and social activity feed.

  • 01 — browse page

Fight for the best jackpot.

A way to suggest games to users by the casino. A way for users to find the best opportunities.

  • 01 — Jackpot page

Enjoy life with live casino.

Focused on real people and their passions. Solutions Made to excite and encourage.

  • 01 — live casino

Find the one who makes you happy.

There are several parameters of a live casino game, but for frequent players favourite dealers are a huge thing. So why not letting follow them?

  • 02 — dealer profile
  • 03 — any screen size

Choose your most desired provider.

The deserved moment of fame for creators and opportunity to choose wisely for users.

  • 01 — Providers
  • 02 — responsive

Get ready to meet the creator.

The author matters – whether it is a design or a game. Highlighting producers means more motivation for them and transparency for users.

  • 03 — provider profile
  • 04 — responsive

Show them all who’s the best.

Weekly contests to keep users returning, daily drops to motivate small but daily actions, user ranking to rush the fever of competition and motivating prizes that catch users’ attention.

  • 01 — Tournaments

The immersive world of games.

Each game is a whole world — and each one has its own characters and rules. Once a user gets to know them better, he becomes trully engaged.

  • 02 — slot profile

Emerge into the game

Customisable background for full immersion, details that don’t distract from the game, useful extra functionality 
one click away and balanced core content and the “screen frame”.

  • 01 — open slot

Tournament made for players.

Seeing real people as competitors, engaging and competing with them is not only a fun feature but also a great mechanic to retain users.

  • 02 — tournament slot

Chat for those who want to share it.

While in-game, people feel different emotions and often feel the urge to share their feelings – we give them that possibility.

  • 03 — open chat

Blackjack that helps you focus.

Blackjack requires a lot of attention, so our focus was to keep it simple – keyspace for the game, sidebar for tips and overview.

  • 04 — Open game chat

Roulette but not Russian.

Please, take a seat and enjoy the realistic game with an enhanced experience – you don’t only get to see the table, but also get an immediate view of results.

  • 05 — open blackjack

Webcam game chat in pocker.

Play, interact, engage and show yourself on any device – including smartphones. Because why not?

  • 06 — open poker

Multiview slots.

Two is better than one, four may be better than two. Our idea is simple – give users an opportunity and create a higher value for clients.

  • 07 — multiview games

Dialogues that make sense.

Online casino doesn’t include communication – and some say it's best. But others miss it – especially, in the pandemic world. That’s why we added chats that are an option, not an obligation.

  • 08 — open diaogues

Find the best opponents.

Analyze strategies and achievements, compare other users and their strengths, choose the perfect match
to compete with and play, knowing 
the onions of your opponents.

  • 01 — poker rating

Promo and bonuses found all in one place.

Each casino competes for each user with hundreds of other projects. Entry bonuses are a huge advantage, so it is crucial for a business to show them in the best way.

  • 01 — all promotions

Open bonus details.

Bonuses tend to be very similar and different at the same time. Allowing users to get into details creates trust.

  • 02 — open bonus

Top-notch promotion details page.

Forget about dull promos with no interaction – a decent casino requires decent marketing tools. The page interface won’t limit creativity.

  • 03 — open promotion

My profile but also my friend.

True fun is always hidden in details. To support this special entertainment mood, we designed a special pack that not only supports the brand image but also conveys the mood.

  • 01 — open my profile

Balance in everything.

Users should feel safe when it comes to their funds. That's why this page is well structured and detailed.

  • 02 — open my balance

Bonuses for MVP.

Each user of Candyloop is meant to feel like its most valuable player. Personal bonuses help to feel that.

  • 03 — open my bonuses

Limits that set boundaries.

Being able to set auto-limits is a crucial requirement for most licences. But it's also important for users as it helps them stay within boundaries.

  • 04 — open my limits

Playfull icons unified.

True fun is always hidden in details. To support this special entertainment mood, we designed a special pack that not only supports the brand image but also conveys the mood.

  • 01 — Icons
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