— Client

Solverde is an online gaming platform that offers a wide range of games and betting options to players in Portugal. It is part of the Solverde Group, a well-known Portuguese company that has been in the gaming industry for over 45 years.

iOS App
— Task

Created the finest version of Solverde with renewed designs without changing its base and with limited ‘make-up’.

— Our role

UI/UX, Implementation consultation



We redesigned the app (sportsbook and casino) to enhance its look-and-feel without changing its base and with limited ‘make-up’.

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    Gave the sportsbook a fresh makeover while keeping the existing structure intact
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    Online casino
    Took the casino to the next level with advanced designs and buttery-smooth navigation
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    iOS app
    Made both parts of the app look in-tune while creating a solid base for future developments

Polished up the main iOS screen.

User experience trumps everything which is why our main focus was to make odds and markets more visually appealing without messing up the functionality. Besides that, we’ve also highlighted important elements by making banners bigger, improving the readability of leagues and making the top matches visible.

  • 01 — Home page

Hand-pick a market.

The technical barriers couldn’t block the flow of our creative juices. So using just colors and shapes we've managed to improve readability and space utilization of a key element - market.

  • 02 — open league & tournament

Bet on the fly with live match.

Want to place a wager when the game is in full swing? Look no further! This page equips you with all the crucial details like what stage the game is at the moment, its statistics and the odds movement. So get that betting ball rolling

  • 03 — live matches

Keep a watch on your wagers.

Here a user gets to track performance of their bets and find all the key details. He also has an interesting alternative to sell his bet in exchange of NFT in ethereum crypto currency.

  • 01 — my bets

Everything you need to dominate the betting floor.

This is where a user finds all the gaming essentials like odds, statistics and even NFT trading options.

  • 01 — Open match

Statistics & NFTs.

Under the NFT section a user gets the dual benefit of viewing who’s selling their bets plus buying those wagers with better older odds.

  • 02 — open match tabs

Much-needed support at your fingertips.

Expecting support from most of the Portuguese sportsbooks is like expecting the Portuguese banks to respond to your request in an hour. This changes with Solverde. You will always have someone ready to help you with anything (except the bank problem).

  • 01 — support chat

It all begins on the home page.

Here we had the freedom to implement more changes, set our creative minds free and make this more than a ‘welcome’ page. It is designed to serve a user by displaying categories, providers, trends with their own categories and the last wins.

  • 01 — Online casino home

Find your game in the blink of an eye.

Tools like search, filters and sorting will enable a user to hand-pick his favourite game/provider so that he doesn’t get lost in the sea of options.

  • 02 — lobby

Say no to dull moments in the online games.

This page has the ability to glue a user to the screen. It is accomplished with two things: promos and constantly updating interface - balance, bet and possible quick actions. The live chat also takes the excitement to the next level with spontaneity and a kick of fun.

  • 01 — Blackjack

Choosing the right provider can be game-changing.

Selecting the right provider has never been this easy. A user can simply filter them by choosing different categories that are most important and relevant to him.

  • 01 — Providers

What’s in your profile?

Don’t remember how much you spent during the last game or if you won/lost? No worries. Everything from the balance and last transactions to stats and bonus’s progress is nicely listed in this section. Oh! And you can add/withdraw money coz that’s important too, right?

  • 01 — user profile
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