— Client

Rewind is a community sports app with know-it-all chatbots and huge sports library, made for all those who are interested in sports, place bets or simply enjoy sport community talks. We’ve challenged ourselves to create an iOS sportsbook application which would become an example and guidance for future designs.

— Task

Develop a simple in use, yet complex and informative sportsbook application with high user engagement and retention rate.

— Our role

Idea, Strategy, UI-UX, Branding



Thanks to a complete re-evaluation of user experience and reconsideration of classical approach to spoortsbooks and bookmakers design. The design follows the tendency to users’ engagement through socialization and clean UI even within huge amounts of data.

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    The problems
    Information overload and lack of space in sportsbook apps.
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    Design process
    Benchmark, UX deconstruction, remodeling and design.
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    Final result
    Redefined approach to UX in sports apps, innovative app.

Ready, steady, personalise.

Since for the best experience of an endless sports app it should be personalized, it all starts with the possibility to choose user's favourite things to follow – whenever it is a sport, team or a particular player.

  • 01 — Favourites

Your one and only, His majesty the Feed.

It's all about how easy it is for a user to get the info, how smooth his experience is. The newsfeed is the core and soul of this project – it makes you feel comfortable, shows you everything going on in sports.

It’s all at your hand.

While enjoying your newsfeed have a closer look on that match in a moment – God bless force touch.

Transfers. Clean & clear.

No more constant questions about who's going where, why and when. Here's all you need to know.

Your best match.

You'll fall in love with them because in any sports they've got all you need – prematch, live and results. It's even better inside – polls, stats, lineups, etc. And yeah, nailed it – the grid fits it all in any sports.


Extended statistics overview for prematch, football pitch animation, match commentary and video for live, results and summary for finished games – we've got that all.

  • 01 — Prematch, LIve, Results
  • 03 — Line up
  • 04 — Match statistics

UFC fights.

Look in those eyes and tell us – are you really brave enough to skip this fight? We've got everything ready for you here, just open it and enjoy.

  • 05 — Prematch, LIve, Results


Designers' horror is one detail which breaks it all. In sports apps, it is tennis with its absolutely different grid. But not in Rewind – here it is perfectly suited.

  • 06 — Prematch, LIve, Results
  • 07 — Tournament info
  • 08 — Share

Top-notch calendar.

What if you'd be able to see the games schedule as easy as track you business meetings? Now it’s possible to see all of the games of the day by clicking the respective date. The most important ones are seen as dots even in the month view.

  • 01 — Date picker

Betslip. Just in case.

Not the focus of this app but an obligatory feature. When having so much data why not using it for good? Feel free to choose the betting system you like.

  • 02 — Make a bet

Chats. Redefined.

Sociality. That's one of the things that made humans different from most of the species. It's one more feature which makes Rewind different from most sports apps.

Your new best friend. The Bot.

A nice guy ready to help you both in chats proving you're right and answering your questions privately. He's a big friend of Siri, by the way.

  • 01 — when fighting?

Always there for you.

Wherever you are, whatever you want – just ask him. He will answer you in a moment, continue the conversation and guide you to further questions.

  • 02 — Chatbot dialog
  • 03 — Widget weather
  • 04 — Widget top player

Watch. Listen. Read.

No need to browse through the internet searching for news – we've already handpicked the best ones in every available form.

  • 01 — Video open
  • 02 — Video feed
  • 03 — Horizontal version
  • 04 — Live podcast


We love sound and motion, but sometimes there's nothing better than a good old article. In Rewind it is supported by statistics, related events and discussions.

  • 05 — Open article

Profiles. For everybody.

In Rewind player's profile works for both primary info (like age or key characteristics) and continued following (including related news and up-to-date achievements).

  • 01 — Player profile
  • 02 — Player statistics

Team profile.

Mr. Zidane, we know you'd use this section to get to know your opponents better. Almost everything about a team and its performance is carefully summed up here.

  • 03 — Players
  • 04 — Events

League profile.

Unexpected, but extremely useful. Two screens, two purposes – keep being informed about ongoing league events and finished one as well.

  • 05 — Players
  • 06 — Events

iPad version. Even better.

Bigger screen means more possibilities – it would be a waste not to use it. That is why you dreams come true here: watching the game (or two) and statistics and chatting at the same time. Great!

  • 01 — Ipad version
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