— Client

Bookmakers.ua is a Ukrainian sports betting website that allows players to make smarter bets by tracking the best offers and prizes from several bookmakers with regular updates of sports news.

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— Task

Develop an online sports betting platform with workable features on a smooth interface.

— Our role

Product Design



Flatstudio team created a simplified and adaptable platform to cater to the general betting needs of the sports fans with updates on the recent happenings in the sporting sphere.

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    Ratings for all the bookmakers on a single platform.
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    Access to the best available betting offers on matches.
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    Stay up to date with all important sport happenings.

Your bets, our business.

We built a fully responsive and user-friendly homepage with features and tools for following sport events, result predictions, offers and promotions from bookmakers.

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Take your pick.

Do you want to find a bookmaker that matches your preferences? To help you make that decision together with the Bookmakers team we came up with a feature that allows you to see a list of available bookmakers with their ranking, reviews, security level and betting rate.

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  • 02 — responsive feature

Get to know your bookmaker.

We created a unique profile for each bookmaker. It offers you tons of useful information from special features and ratings to payment methods and available languages. Learn everything you need to know to bet where you need to bet.

  • 03 — Profile
  • 04 — responsive

Keep yourself informed.

Keeping up with sport news and happenings in the sports world just got easier. We integrated a news section and now you don't have to worry about being out of the loop.

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  • 02 — Opened news
  • 03 — responsive

Offer by offer.

We designed the Offers and Bonuses page to guide you in making better betting decisions. Here you will find all the offers on any game from the top bookmakers.

  • 01 — Offers and bonuses page
  • 02 — Opened offer
  • 03 — responsive

Custom fitted graphics.

We developed an array of customized icons and illustrations to fit the theme of the website and improve the efficiency of the platform usage.

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