— Client

Our client Xenia is a professional and internationally recognized beauty artist. She came to us with her name, make-up skills and Russian army of followers and asked us for the help to establish her brand in Portugal.

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— Task

Create an outstanding fashion and beauty brand for our client and her studio.

— Our role

Brand Strategy, Tone of Voice, Brand Identity , Art Direction, Front-end, Back-end



Elegant, appealing and with the care for details – our inspiration came from the client’s portfolio and as a result of the research that made it possible to differentiate this website from many others in the fashion industry.

Words can’t express it, but our logo can.

Instead of calling the brand Xenia Popkova we came up with a name MUAX that stands for Make Up Artist Xenia. It still has her name in it, but now it’s much easier to pronounce. As for the logo, we went with simple and classic style with curvy serifs and supported the created brand image with a full pack of stationery.

  • 01 — Logo
  • 02 — Certificate
  • 03 — Promo Kit
  • 04 — Business Card

MUAX home.

The branding we developed was accurate and flexible enough to allow us going with some experiments and combine some fashion style, readability and structure. And yes, we never forget about mobile devices ;)

  • 01 — Main page
  • 02 — Adaptive

Let your work speak for you.

No one knows better how important portfolio is for an artist as designers do. That’s why we focused on big images and finding a way to show both overview with different kind of photos and some specific categories.

  • 01 — Portfolio
  • 02 — Adaptive

Delicacy, the new trend.

Let’s be honest, one of the most demanded and important information users look for is prices and services. Our service page focuses on providing this delicate information in a sophisticated yet simple way.

  • 01 — Services
  • 02 — Adaptive

Beauty is powerfull. So are the words.

Focused on the artist’s personality and self-presentation the «About me» page gives the user the full overview yet does not push him but gently shows the best sides.

  • 02 — About
  • 02 — Adaptive

Beauty graphics

The world of beauty is mostly visual, so icons play a big role in this project. We opted to go with delicate linear design for this one, it shows perfectly the essence of the brand and looks great next to colorful editorial photos the website has.

  • 02 — Instagram icons

… to be continued

We are still working on new features for MUAX. Stay tuned to see more.

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