— Client

Vkmix is a new digital marketing platform which aims to provide its customers top notch web content while effectively generating traffic to the site. The platform makes it easier for you to get likes, comments or followers on social media.

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— Task

Build a brand new website using better and more responsive features with support for all devices.

— Our role

Strategy, Interface design, Graphics, Identity



Together with Vkmix Flatstudio team has redesigned the entire website layout to offer a much more improved, user friendly and feature-packed interface to boost functionality and operability.

All star with a new logo.

We designed a new logo for Vkmix using a simple and smooth design. Soothing and relaxing shades of blue, rounded shapes and hypnotising swirl make your experience as easy and hooking as the results Vkmix provide for your social media.

  • 01 — new logo

Welcome aboard.

There couldn't be a more welcoming landing page. We’ve added responsive features to guide users easily around the site. From likes to reposts to comments, reliable exchange of social activity couldn’t be any more guaranteed.

  • 01 — landing page

Get busy — set your flair right.

We created an adaptive and functional social task webpage for Vkmix. Here you can gain points on the platform to help you achieve your target – more tasks mean more points. The dashboard makes switching up even smoother with easy and fast navigation from the user's profile to other users to adaptive tasks.

  • 01 — social tasks page
  • 02 — all created tasks page
  • 03 — users page
  • 04 — top users page

Up to the task – literally.

In this section you can choose a social network to boost, assign the points you want to spend on the task and configure your settings to fit your needs. The page was built with a variety of features to simplify the whole process.

  • 08 — Creating a task
  • 09 — settings
  • 10 — Creating a task adaptive
  • 11 — settings adaptive

Facts, figures and analytics.

From the statistics section you can view and track your social progress online. Enjoy the smooth layout and stream of figures combined with graphical illustrations for back-up. We know, it’s awesome.

  • 12 — Statistic page

Wait for it, there is more.

To boost the efficiency of Vkmix platform we added new pages with lots of extra add-ons. From the help centre where you can chat with customer support to the bot settings where a bot can do it all for you to the online auction page all adapted for mobile.

  • 16 — help center
  • 17 — bot settings
  • 18 — online auction

Join the blogosphere.

We integrated an active blog feature on the new Vkmix website with provisions for creating and editing articles on the website. Here you also get to keep up with all the latest news with the regularly updated blog articles.

  • 22 — Blog page
  • 23 — creating an article

The 'visuals' package.

Icons, illustrations, avatars and badges – Flatstudio have made available a plethora of graphics with privy designs and vibrant colour for a seamless online experience.

  • 01 — icons
  • 02 — illustrations
  • 03 — badges & no avatar icons
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