— Client

Yell.ru is a service of reviews and recommendations that helps people to search, find and choose the best companies, places and institutions. Yell collect daily a new feedbacks and update the information already available.

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— Task

Creating a simplified and easily navigable interface to help you find your favourite places and discover new ones.

— Our role

Research, Branding, Product Design



Yell has been rebranded and remodeled with a new logo, an improved interface and an array of complementary widgets and add ons among other improved features to accelerate efficiency.

Nothing says serious like red.

Geometrically perfect logo grid paired with unique font and a brighter more vibrant red. The new Yell logo represents everything the company is – your dynamic and knowing mate.

  • 01 — new logo

A new style, a new look, a better interface.

The redesigned website is all fun and business. With more categories and added social activities, the new main page adopts an interface designed to be as user-friendly and clear as possible. There's also an advanced 'search' feature with filters and map navigation.

01 — main page old vs new

Your business, our business.

All you need is at your fingertips, literally. Yell is just a click away to help you search and find your favourite and best spots. With top-rated online reviews from real-life customers, it's all cards on the table.

  • 01 — main page
  • 03 — notification
  • 04 — search
  • 05 — Search on the map
  • 06 — search filters
  • 07 — search results

Claim your business.

A company’s trends, reviews, users’ feedback and the entire analytics package, can all be accessed from the company’s profile page. The company’s profile covers everything you need when travelling or from home.

  • 01 — company profile


Here users can leave feedback and comments based on their personal experiences to encourage the patronage of other users.

  • 02 — FEEDBACKS ui

Photo slider.

Yell has a slideshow that features a collection of pictures uploaded by users as a part of the feedback on a company's profile.

  • 03 — photo slider

One platform, all events.

Companies on Yell can bring together the best events and experiences in the city via a well detailed and beautifully tailored events subsection.

  • 04 — events
  • 05 — event details

Show yourself to the Yellow world.

Get your very own personalised user profile on Yell. Here you can collect rewards, feedback, places that you have visited and follow interesting people.

  • 01 — User profile page
  • 02 — user rewards
  • 03 — user uploaded photos

Other pages.

On Yell, your profile page is yours to tweak it as you please. From your follower count and feedbacks to comments and places visited. Yell offers a wide array of features to enhance your experience.

  • 04 — user list of locations visited
  • 05 — user feedbacks
  • 06 — user checkins
  • 07 — user followers

Dashboard for Companies.

Easy analytics, clear notifications and all the functions a manager may need are in one place. Clean structure and easy navigation are the main features of the dashboard.

  • 08 — company statistics
  • 09 — company feedback
  • 10 — company filials
  • 11 — help center

Graphics and illustrations.

An impressive collection of customized badges and icons designed to give users the best browsing experience.

  • 02 — yell icons

Fully adaptive.

Yell's interface has been so designed to be as user-friendly and coordinated as they come. From well-categorised communities to a responsive dashboard to a frequently updated notification panel, navigation couldn't have been made more intuitive. Top-rated suggestions appear on the homepage as well. There's also an advanced 'search' feature with filters and map navigation to find whatever needs to be seen.

  • 01 — mobile main page
  • 02 — map
  • 03 — search filters
  • 04 — company profile
  • 05 — User Profile page
  • 06 — user rating
  • 07 — Business landing
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