— Client

Jili-Bili is a Russian based online kiddies store offering a wide variety of toys and other child-related products.

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— Task

Transform Jili-Bili into a functional and proficient online store that is both practical and easy on the eyes.

— Our role

Interface design, Graphic design



Jili-Bili is a Russian e-commerce retail giant operating out of Russia's metropolitan area. It has an inventory of over 24k items raking in well over 50k worth of sales on a monthly basis.

Homepage that feels like home.

Flatstudio revamped the old main page to develop a cleaner and more luminous version. The new layout is even more user friendly and has beautiful and vibrant shapes and colours that will satisfy any child’s imagination.

01 — Old and new versions
  • 02 — Entire homepage
  • 03 — homepage Responsive

Indulge your curiosity.

We added advanced search feature to the improved version. Now you're assured of faster and better search results on a superb interface.

  • 04 — Immediate result
  • 05 — Search results

Talk your talk.

The customer feedback page has been enhanced to enable users leave reviews on Jili-Bili’s products. The page displays recent feedbacks on products along with all available products brands.

  • 06 — Recent feedback
  • 07 — Product Brands

Down the shopping aisle.

While designing the products catalogue we opted for using a simplified design with categories and filters to improve the shopping experience. Want to find your kid's favourite toys? You know where to look.

  • 01 — Catalogue
  • 02 — catalogue responsive
  • 03 — products filter

Know what you're getting.

The essence is in details. Each product is accompanied with a detailed description and feedbacks from loving moms and dads. Here you can leave your opinion about the item, too. To compliment your review pick a rating, leave details on the sex and age of your child, add pros and cons, attach a photo or video of the item.

  • 04 — Product card
  • 05 — customer feedbacks
  • 06 — my feedback
  • 07 — product card responsive
  • 08 — my feedback responsive

Let's go shopping.

The new interface offers frictionless transition from shopping to payment and shipping. You’ll get useful alerts regarding availability of the items in your cart and you get to choose your preferred delivery method from a wide range of options – from courier shipping to delivery point option. Still not convenient? You can go with your little one down to the store and pick it up yourself.

  • 01 — cart with smart widget
  • 02 — Widget with alerts
  • 03 — No errors, checkout
  • 04 — Delivery method selection
  • 05 — Payment method selection
  • 06 — Order information

Get settled.

Together with the Jili-Bili team we built the user's profile page with a myriad of functionalities. From your personal details, rewards and orders to information about your kids. Your profile page is all about your family.

  • 01 — personal info
  • 02 — My orders
  • 03 — My treasury
  • 04 — My childrens
  • 05 — affiliate program
  • 06 — my profile responsive

Everything you need to know.

We incorporated extra pages that provide the details and related data on your orders. From categorized pricing by weight to an extensive contact list to a map navigation feature – enjoy easy access to the necessary information in the right places.

  • 01 — Shipping info
  • 02 — Contacts
  • 03 — shipping info responsive
  • 04 — contacts responsive

Tasty graphics.

From handmade illustrations to candy-like icons to avatars specially customized to fit the interactive interface, these vibrant graphics are an absolute delight for the kids and you wouldn't love it any less as a parent.

  • 02 — Profile icons
  • 03 — Filter icons
  • 04 — Interface icons
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