— Client

Culture is a humanitarian educational project initiated by the Russian federal ministry of culture to provide a unique platform where cultural heritage and traditions meet modern day arts and craft.

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— Task

Redesigning Culture.ru with new and improved features plus add-ons.

— Our role

Strategy, Redesign, Interface design



For the new version of the portal, Flatstudio worked side by side with Ministry of Culture to developed the concept of “Read, Watch, Visit” using special formats. Very convenient, understandable and interesting for the reader and useful for the institutions of culture.

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    Access an assortment of great reads on the best of.
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    Enjoy over 3000 top videos.
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    Explore your favourite spots and some of the most.

Two rows header is great for this.

Flatstudio helped Ministry of Culture to reboot the online platform's brand. We enriched and restructured the logo and the layout by adopting the finest practices of information architecture — a lot of “breath space” and grids.

  • 01 — International Logotype

Brand new home for Russian culture.

The new and improved interface design comes with a new system of tags and recommendations allowing for a more navigable and interactive website.

01 — old vs new
  • 02 — home page


You can visit the most amazing places in the country using our classic digital tour guide — and you don't even have to leave your room for the tour.

  • 03 — Visit catalogue


Immerse yourself in the interesting Russian works of literature on some of the most diverse topics you'd ever find.

  • 04 — Read catalogue


Treat yourself to the hundreds of available films and videos expanding across an impressive number of genres.

  • 05 — Watch catalogue

Museums. Get the full exhibitory.

The Museum catalogue is all about Russia’s cultural and artistic heritage. From interesting facts about works of art to biographies of artists to the history of Russian philanthropy to 360° virtual tours in over 239 museums, Culture allows you to enjoy first hand, the best of Russia’s historical pieces.

  • 01 — museums catalogue
  • 02 — places on map
  • 03 — news and traditions
  • 04 — museum page

The traditional side of Russia.

Revel in the rich and diverse traditions of the country with a review of 1063 religious pieces and 439 objects of intangible cultural heritage to the people from the traditions catalogue.

  • 01 — Traditions catalogue

Watch it. Live it.

From contemporary films to timeless classics, enjoy the best of Russian and western cinematography watching any of the available 1390 movies in the movie catalogue.

  • 01 — Movies catalogue
  • 02 — movie page

Lectures that you never had in school.

The lectures catalogue offers a chance to get an in-depth knowledge of Russia with over 896 lectures and classes in about 24 specialties offered by leading scientists and cultural figures.

  • 01 — lectures catalogue
  • 02 — lecture page

Personas. Who is who in Russia.

Read up on a several of the important figures in the country — historical and present — accessible via the personas catalogue.

  • 01 — personas catalogue
  • 02 — persona page

Tune in and listen.

Entertain yourself with a selection of the best of Russian melodies made available by Culture in the music catalogue — turn up the volume and just enjoy. Here, you can also find biographies of Russian composers and musicians along with information on national concert venues and top musical universities in the country.

  • 01 — Music catalogue

Literature. Broaden your literary horizons.

The literature catalogue features 539 of the most engrossing Russian books all available for download in ePub format. Good luck with trying to read them all.

  • 01 — Literature catalogue
  • 02 — book page

A to Z of Russian Architecture.

From the biographies of the architects behind some of the famous structures throughout Russia to reviews of about 1145 architectural pieces, the ‘Architecture’ section is your Russian architectural digest.

  • 01 — Architecture catalogue
  • 04 — Architectural styles
New features
Update from support January 16, 2017

Agenda. Live the Russian cultural scene.

Want to know what cultural events and festivals in Russia feel like? Well, you're in luck, we added features of live broadcasts of cultural events from all over Russia. From "Night of Museums" to " Theatre Day" to "Night of Arts" simply look up any event of interest on the site and enjoy.

  • 01 — Agenda catalogue
  • 02 — agenda search
  • 03 — event page
New features
Update from support January 28, 2017

And more…

We integrated a search feature in the redesigned website that lets you look up anything you want. Your search results come with recommendations to widen your options. Want to find a place? Watch a movie? Listen to a song? Then just search for it.

  • 01 — search page
  • 02 — search recomendations
New features
Update from support January 29, 2017

Menu navigation concepts.

The new interface comes with a menu bar and a better layout of the main catalogue. Navigation has been made so much easier and the site is as user friendly as it could be with support for mobile platforms.

  • 01 — left menu
  • 02 — Top menu
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